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About us

We like to welcome you to our website.


GREEN PRINCESS is a Czech company growing a wide range of microgreens and eatable leaves and flowers.


We are growing with professional systems with automatic water supply and light.


Our microgreens are grow in Czech Republik, on a natural method and without using chemicals.


  • Tested seeds. All of our selected seeds are biologically tested for Escherichia coli and Salmonella.


  • Non treated seeds. Seeds are not treated, safe for consumption sprouted or even raw. You and your clients are safe.


We deliver direct to the consumer, and also to the professional market like restaurants, bars and supermarkets.


Please contact us if you are interessted in our products, delivery and price conditions.


We can also grow special microgreens on request if you need them on a regular base.  


Hope that we can supply you with the microgreens you like and you enjoy them.


Greetings from the GREEN PRINCESS team.





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