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Edible Flowers how to use

Easy Ways To Cook With Edible Flowers

What do Marigold, Borage, Nasturtium and Shungiku all have in common? These flowers are (almost) as beautiful as they are delicious.

Edible flowers might look intimidating, but they’re actually a very simple way to add something special to the dishes you already love. To prove to you how easy it is to dress up your meals, here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate the decorative delicacies into your next meal.

Spice Up A Salad

With its slightly bitter taste, flowers like marigold make a wonderful compliment to any garden salad. Plus, the flowers’ bright color will make the dish as pleasing for the eyes as it is for the stomach.

Brew Your Own Tea

Making your own cup of floral tea is surprisingly simple; just measure one tablespoon of fresh flowers or one teaspoon of dried flowers (you can put the flowers in a tea bag or tea ball to keep them contained) then steep them in one cup of boiling water for 3-10 minutes depending on your desired strength. Now, you can enjoy your own floral tea.

Top Off Your Toast

While adding flowers won’t significantly change the flavor of your favorite sweet or savory toast combination, it will add a new texture and fun pop of color.

Decorate Your Dessert

Adding edible flowers like Borage violet is an easy way to decorate your favorite dessert. For example, use it top off your cake (with or without frosting) or press a flower into cookie dough before baking in the oven.

Creatively Cool Down Your Drink

Although “ice” isn’t quite a meal, it’s often an under-appreciated ingredient for many drinks from lemonade to Manhattans. So why not kick it up a notch by serving your next drink with cool, and creative ice cubes.

So, are you ready to start enjoying your very own Edible Flowers?

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