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Salad Burnet

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Taste:Earthy, nutty and subtle cucumber taste
Stem Color:Green
Leaves Color:Green 
Nutrition benefits:A, carbohydrates,proteins

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Product detailed description

Nutrition facts and usage:

Salad Burnet is an edible plant with a long history of medicinal usage. In addition to its healing properties, like other microgreens it provides numerous nutritional benefits such as vitamin A and other essential carbohydrates and proteins. It can be used in many creative ways that include topping salads or sandwiches for extra flavor, infusing gin tonic drinks, lemonades or sparkling water with cucumber taste, adding herbs like basil & oregano to create dressings - the possibilities are endless! Moreover you could use this herb instead of basil give recipes a unique twist. All these amazing features surely make Salad Burnet worth trying out today!


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Category: Special Microgreens
Warranty: lifetime
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